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Kimel Cafe in the Press

Kimel Community Cafe has featured in the local and national press since before it even opened its doors.

12 April 2023 - Kimel Cafe Receives Donation from Wokingham Lions

Preview of article on Wokingham Today on 12 April 2023

An Evendons cafe says a donation from Wokingham Lions has helped it keep its doors open.

Kimel Community Cafe was launched to help people with autism and other additional needs gain valuable work experience and life skills, while also being a community meeting place.

However, when a sinkhole open in Evendons Lane last autumn, the road leading to the cafe was closed, bringing a catastrophic decline in traffic. Click here to read the full article on Wokingham Today.


22 February 2023 - Building Society’s Grand Donation to Help the Work of Evendons-Based Kimel Cafe

Preview of article on Wokingham Today on 22 February 2023

A cafe that faced months of uncertainty after a sinkhole opened in a nearby road has been given a donation by one of Wokingham’s building societies.

The Kimel Cafe in Evendons saw its trade suffer when a sewer collapsed during Thames Water works.

Subsequent road closures saw a one-way traffic system in place and a lack of passing traffic, placing in doubt the future of the venue, which helps give work experience to autistic people. Click here to read the full article on Wokingham Today.


Wokingham Sinkhole - the end! ITV Meridian news 28/01/2023


Bracknell Press 13/01/2023

Preview of an article from Bracknell News on 13 January 2023

CR comment:

This is simply my view!

Announcements that Thames Water are in fact in contact with us are false!  Nic has attempted on many occasions to establish a dialogue with this company who make over £1 million per day in profits to no avail.

The result of this is we have had to contact a firm of solicitors whose sole job is suing Thames Water on a daily basis for their clients.

Thames Water's behaviour has been arrogantly disgraceful and reprehensible in this matter. Click here to read the full article on Bracknell News.


Wokingham Sinkhole - the continuing saga - ITV Meridian news 09/01/2023


Wokingham Sinkhole - the continuing saga - Listen Here (BBC Radio Berkshire 06/01/2023)


Wokingham sinkhole works crippling local business, Kimel Community Cafe affected

Preview of an article on BBC News website from 20 November 2022

And we were doing ever so well up to this point but this, as Nic says in the report, has done a lot of damage to our fledgling business and certainly something we didn’t need in the run up to Christmas.

This lead article from BBC South Today on 20th November explains the situation:

Then this from ITV News Meridian, Thames Valley:


7 August 2022 - Local SEND Student Thrives Thanks to Supportive Work Experience Placement at the Kimel Cafe in Wokingham

Preview of an article on Bracknell and Wokingham College's website from 7 August 2022

"Cameron has been doing work experience at The Kimel Café on a Wednesday for just over a month, which is helping him to learn valuable life skills including customer service, food preparation, cleaning, teamwork and putting English and maths skills into practice. It is also helping him to grow in confidence." Click here to read the full article.


8 February 2022 - Wokingham Community Cafe Helping Young Autistic People

Preview of an article on Wokingham Today from 12 February 2022Preview of an article on BBC News website from 8 February 2022

Kimel Cafe in Wokingham, Berkshire, offers support to neurodivergent youngsters in the area to develop new workplace skills.

According to the National Autistic Society (NAS), just 22% of autistic adults are in any kind of employment.

Cafe founder Nic Lander said: "There's a lot of barriers out there and we're just trying to break those down.


12 February 2022 - Wokingham Today - Autism Cafe Opens

Preview of an article on Wokingham Today from 12 February 2022

A cafe making a difference has opened its doors in Wokingham.

The Kimel Cafe, created by the Kimel Foundation, provides workplace training for young people with autism.

It was founded by Nic Lander, who has three neurodivergent daughters. He created the foundation over concerns about the number of people with autism in employment.

In 2016, the National Autistic Society found that only 16% of autistic adults are in full-time paid employment.

But he said around 70% do want a job.


8 February 2022 - BBC South Today and BBC Radio Berkshire Interviews

Nic Lander chatted to BBC South Today:

BBC Radio Berkshire interview with Kimel Cafe founder, Nic Lander:


23 September 2021 - Pre-Opening Press Release in Wokingham Today

Front page of Wokingham Today dated Thursday 23 September 2021 featuring Kimel Cafe opening

A NEW cafe training young people with autism will open in Wokingham this autumn.

Created by the Kimel Foundation, the Kimel Cafe will support neurodivergent people in the area to learn new skills for both work and home.

Founder Nic Lander said it will be a “super cool cafe” with a twist. Click here to read the full article on Wokingham Today.


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